Earthy Site VERY Interesting & Earth Tip of week

So in one of our local papers they discussed an experiment someone tried of not driving their car…in the article they mention the No Impact Man.  A family in NY is blogging about their experiences as they work at causing a “No Net Impact” to momma earth… it is very interesting what they’ve done. 

Check out his blog —

 Now for our Earth Tip for the week — have you ever experienced a HUGE amount of junk mail items?  I’m sure everyone does.. well while reading the No Impact Man’s blog I read how he  is working on getting no more junk mail… and found some tips to stop junk mail via the “Native Forest Network

Here is one of the tips..

1. Virtually all companies offering pre-approved credit cards and insurance offers use lists from the major credit bureaus. Fortunately, to have your name removed from mailing lists used for unsolicited credit card and insurance offers all you need to do is:

  • Call 888-567-8688. This single automated phone line takes you off the lists of all major credit bureaus. You can also do this online at:

Check out the site for some more tips!

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