Asian Pacific American Heritage Month Feature Artist

So we wanted to feature an artist that does something that would promote the Asian Pacific American culture.  Since we are fans of kimono’s we thought we’d highlight the independent artist Kimono Momo.


A little bit about Kimono Momo:
Kimono Momo is a small business built on the idea of recycling beautiful objects that would otherwise be left forgotten in storage. Many of the silks used in the scarves are hand painted one of a kind pieces, and all of the textiles are vintage. The focus at Kimono Momo is to give all women the opportunity to enjoy the beauty of kimono   without having to actually wear one.

Kimono Momo emphasize Asian Pacific American Heritage:
The entire Kimono Momo line is constructed from vintage Japanese kimono and obi. I also do kimono kitsuke (dressing) for events such as
Japanese heritage festivals, weddings, or parties. I work to show my respect for the artists who designed these textiles by showcasing them
in such a way that people will continue to use and appreciate them.

Makes Great Asian Pacific American Heritage Month Gifts:
The Obi Wallets make wonderful gifts. Many of my customers buy two at a time so they can keep one and give the other to their friend, sister,
or mother. 

Special Information about Kimono Mono: 
I grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area surrounded by Asian culture, so even though my own heritage is entirely European, my awareness of art and design is very Asian-centric. I spend all my free time (seriously, ask my family) reading about wearing kimono, the weaving and dyeing processes involved in making kimono and obi, and learning the Japanese language.

Take time to learn more about Kimono Mono and appreciate the exquisite pieces they provide at their site —

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