APA Heritage Month – Kimono Facts

As you’ve seen we featured an artist (Kimono Momo) with products geared around kimono’s which are one of our faves!  So why not put some facts about kimono’s for the contest.

A Kimono is the national costume of Japan and has the actual meaning of “something worn” aka clothes.  Kimonos are T-shaped, straight-lined robes that fall to the ankle, with collars and full-length sleeves. The sleeves are commonly very wide at the wrist, as much as a half meter.  Traditionally the robe is wrapped around the body with the left side over the right secured with a wide belt called an obi.  An interesting fact — the only time the kimono is wraped with the right side over the left is for a burial.

An interesting post was written by Denise of Akemi Designs featured on the blog Asian Buzz.  Take time to read this post as she summarizes her wonderful and inspiring attendance of a lecture on kimonos.  You can also view beautiful pieces of work.

We want to thank Asian Buzz for allowing us to reference their post in this fact post.

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