Earth Awareness Tip

So we read the Time Magazine April 9, 2007 edition today and it had 51 things we can do to stop global warming…and we want to highlight some of them this week.  You can view it online at,28804,1602354_1603074,00.html

  1. Tip # 24 – Say no to plastic bags.  Start taking your own bags to the stores — cloth or even biodegradable.  It is amazing how many plastic bags consume our landfills… YIKES.
  2. Tip # 8 – Give new life to fleece.  There is a company you can send your fleece unwanted items to and they’ll burn them to make into new clothes.. very neat idea.
  3. Tip #30 – Turn off your computer.  Now this one sits home with Maranda since she has a computer background… your screen saver eats up energy so just cut it off.. they made that button for a reason.

These were just some of the tips we liked.. ZeVin Creations is actually working on something to assist in the stop of global warming so stay tuned as we fine tune things….

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