Women’s History Month Facts – Birthdays

We’ve come across a unique web site that documents Women’s History.  The National Women’s History Project (NWHP) is a wonderful site that documents history for women through the years and celebrates them.

 Based on the site.. and something we thought about.. we wanted to at least honor some birthdays…Naturally, we’ve missed birthdays that honor women’s history month… so we thought of at least honoring those birthdays this week.

March 24, 1826 (1898) – Matilda Joslyn Gage – Suffragist, women’s rights activist and theorist, historian

  • March 24, 1912 – Dorothy Height – Served over 40 years as President, National Council of Negro Women; 2002 NWHP Women’s History Month honoree
  • March 25, 1935 – Gloria Steinem – Women’s rights activist and journalist; founding editor of Ms. Magazine; helped found National Women’s Political Caucus, the Women’s Action Alliance, and the Coalition of Labor Union Women
  • March 26, 1930 – Sandra Day O’Connor – First woman to join Supreme Court as justice (1981)
  • March 27, 1924 (1990) – Sarah Vaughan – World renown jazz singer and pianist known as the “Divine One”
  • March 31, 1889 (1975) – Muriel Wright – Choctaw Indian; fought for recompense for First Americans
  • We wish these women a happy birthday!

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