St. Patrick’s Day

Irish So we at ZeVin Creations hope you had a GREAT St. Patrick’s Day!

We had a good show at St. Stephen’s Baptist Church WOW Conference! It was cool meeting new people and letting friends that know us see our stuff for the first time…

In honor of St. Patrick’s Day we wanted to honor Irish women in our Women’s History Month Facts….

“Mother” Mary Jones – For fifty years and beyond, Mother Jones was the most beloved and newsworthy woman fighting for the rights of workers.

Kate O’Brien – Her first novel, Without My Cloak (1931), won both the Hawthornden and James Tait Black prizes. A chronicle of middle-class Irish life, it is, in effect, an Irish Forsyte Saga.

Jennie Hodgers – Jennie Hodgers went to the polls and voted in every election. Even her friends thought she was a man. In 1862, she reported to Camp Fuller at Rockford, Illinois, and after what must have been a very cursory physical exam, “Albert Cashier” – as she called herself – was assigned to Company G of the 95th Illinois Infantry.

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