Tips on Sending Spring Cards

As featured in our March Newsletter

Our featured cards for March is our “Spring Collection” cards. Spring is a beautiful season as it relates to our environment but as well when you relate it to your life. Here are some tips on why it is truly a good season to provide “A Gift Within A Card”:

1. Wish someone a Spring blessings. Take time to encourage someone to welcome in the spring season with a card that celebrates Spring! Not only will it remind them of what is fastly approaching or taking place, but it will uplift their spirits with the vibrant and welcoming colors.

2. Seize the opportunity to rekindle or renew relationships. Spring is the sign of rebirth/renewal so use a card to let someone you haven’t talked to know you are thinking of them, to revive a friendship/bond, or better yet just to let someone know how much they mean to you. Not only does a card express your thoughts of someone but during this season it can awaken a part of someone’s spirit that has been bothered during the winter months!

3. Encourage people to embrace the changing of seasons! Everyone experiences “Spring Fever” come the end of the winter season — so use a card as an invitation to partake in the spring weather with an outdoor activity. Try to match up the activity with the card for example a baseball shaped card with tickets to a game.

ZeVin Creations wants to encourage you to do something you might not have done before this Spring Season. Use the season as an excuse to wish someone blessings, renew/revive a friendship, and invite someone to embrace the season change. Go ahead and Make A Gift Within A Card!

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