It’s March

Can you believe how time has truly flown by… I mean it is almost Spring!!!  With that being said our featured cards for the month are Spring events.  We will be posting our Spring themed cards which include Easter, Passover, Graduations, and just Celebrate the Season!  At the same time of making cards we are also preparing for Derby.. so keep your eyes open for the Derby Samples to be posted this coming weekend!

In honor of Women History Month we will be having a contest built upon various facts we will be putting here on the Gift Within A Card. The facts will posted March 1 – March 28 and the actual contest will be the last days of March.   We are gathering prizes now so stay tuned for the sponsors to be listed.

Shows for March — well we have 2 key shows as of right now.

  • March 17 – St. Stephen Baptist Church WOW Conference
  • March 24 – ArtistikRoots – Look Where We’ve Come: Women in the Arts.

We are getting the final information for both shows and will post them on here within the week.

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