Black History Month Facts & Sports

So how you celebrate Black History month and not discuss sports… 2007 embarked a huge achievement for African-Americans in sports….

  – An African-American coach won the Super Bowl (GO COLTS! and Coach Dungy) but better yet it was two African-American coaches at the Super Bowl.. a complete first!!!

Now some other major facts related to Sports and Black History Month.

  • Tiger Woods
    First African-American to win the Masters golf tournament, in 1997
  • Jackie Robinson
    First black major league baseball player, in 1947, and first black player elected to Baseball Hall of Fame, in 1962.
  • The American Tennis Association is one of the oldest African-American sports organizations in the United States. Organized at a meeting held in the Washington, D.C., YMCA, it showcased talented African-American tennis players in the era of segregated tennis and is still an active organization. At its first championship in Baltimore in 1917, Tally Homes won the Men’s Singles event and Lucy Slowe the Women’s singles.
  • In 1971, Howard University, an historically African-American University, won the national collegiate soccer championship.

These are just a few… but a cool site that discusses the Jim Crow laws highlights some amazing facts for African Americans in sports despite Jim Crow.  Check it out :

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