Fat Tuesday & Black History Fact

Happy Fat Tuesday y’all!

Since this is a favorite day of Mardi Gras — we thought we’d incorporate the Black History Fact around that.

One of the biggest parades during Mardi Gras is the Zulu Parade — which is the oldest African-American parade.  It is said that some laborers attended a musical comedy at the Pythian temple Theater in New Orleans and got inspired by the piece on the Zulu Tribe.  They first marched in 1901 but were officially known as the Zulus in 1909.  One of the noted kings of the Zulu Parade was Luis Armstrong.

Another formal tradition associated with the Zulu’s is the Zulu Mardi Gras Coconut aka “Golden Nugget”.  Here is a bit of information about the “Golden Nugget” from Wikipedia.

The coconut was mentioned as far back as 1910, where they were given in a natural “hairy” state. The coconut is a cheap alternative, especially in 1910 when the bead throws were made of glass. Before the Zulu Krewe threw their famous coconuts, they threw walnuts that were painted gold. This is where the name “Golden Nugget” originally came from. It is thought that Zulu switched from walnuts to coconuts in the early 1920’s when Lloyd Lucus started to paint coconuts. Most of the coconuts have two decorations. The first is painted gold with added glitter, and the second is painted like the famous black Zulu faces.

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