It is February!

So it is February 13th – and only 20+ hours till Valentines Day — the day of love or disgust depending on how you look at it!

 We are finally all better — no more flu for any of the ZeVin Creations members or their children.  And we are ready to be serious about this blog..and how better to start off the blog than with a contest!

In honor of Black History Month we will be having a contest built upon various facts we will be putting here on the Gift Within A Card. The facts will begin February 13, 2007 and the actual contest will be the last week of February.   We are gathering prizes now so stay tuned!

During February we are also preparing for the Spring for that is when we start doing art shows and events.  As of right now we just have one upcoming planned show which is in March with the WOW conference — we will mention more about this event in March.  And we will start posting new cards for the spring weekly so be on the look-out for St. Patrick’s Day items.

So let’s get blogging again!

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