Where have we been…..

We know We know we have been BAD people these past weeks… but as posted a LONG time ago — had personal things come about which included sick children… which wasn’t fun!

Well 2007 is here and we have tons of things lined up for ZeVin Creations and our readers and friends. First big thing is a SALE which is taking place between now and January 7, 2007 @ 11:59PM… so check out what is on sale.. we are clearing out the cards so we can have our newest items on the site..

We want to say goodbye to one of our favorite retailers — The Nekkid Giraffe.. it is closing it’s doors and we will surely miss being sold there.. but stay tuned for ZeVin is working with some other local artists to open an ecclectic store for KY artists… hmmmmm

Next week we will be doing special things in honor of Universal Letter Writing Week which starts on the 8th!

So you really won’t get any posts from us this week as we prepare for next week…. Have a happy NEW YEAR WEEK!


Maranda & Marisa
ZeVin Creations

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