Featured Cards for November: Thanks & Thanksgiving


Our featured cards for November is our “Thank You” and Thanksgiving cards.

ZeVin Creations loves the month of November and believes that people should use this month as a time to reflect on what they are GRATEFUL for in life and the year! Most people really don’t send many cards during the Thanksgiving Season but here are some tips on why it is truly a wonderful holiday to provide “A Gift Within A Card”:

1. Invite someone to celebrate Thanksgiving Dinner with you. Thanksgiving is about togetherness and sharing. Why not share your family gathering time with others over food? I remember the first non-blodd family Thanksgiving dinner I went to when I lived in NY — it was a blessing and allowed me to increase my friendship with the persons that invited me. They are truly my family away from KY now.

2. Express your gratitude for special people in your life. The true concept of Giving Thanks, is to let people know why you are grateful they are in your life. Appreciate them for doing something special for you. Take this Thanksgving season to reflect on people that impacted your life during 2006 and send them a special card Thanking them for that impact.

3. Remember the times. This is actually part of our Paying It Forward With A Card tips but it really relates to Thanksgiving. Since many people don’t send Thanksgiving cards take the initiative to break the norm and give someone some extra attention on this holiday. As stated above, not many people have a place to go for Thanksgiving and they don’t experience that love and sharing that others might. So your little card can play a HUGE impact on someone in a home,shelter,or by themself.

ZeVin Creations wants to encourage you to do something you might not have done before. Be it to invite someone to celebrate the day, reflect on why you are grateful for a person, or to send a Thanksgiving blessing to some needing a moment of cheer – and send a Thanksgiving card this year. Be a part of changing our world to be a better place!

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