Featured Holiday/Event: World Teacher Appreciation Day

Each week we will do a feature post on the holiday/event of the week which encourages sending a card. 

For all you teachers that are reading our blog — ZeVin Creations would like to wish you a Happy World Teacher Appreciation Day! 

World Teacher´s Day – October 5, 2006 –  has been designated by the United Nations Education Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO). Just like the United States Teacher’s Appreciation day/week in May, students/parents are to let their favorite teacher know how much they mean to them!  You can read more about this holiday at http://www.teacher-appreciation.info/5thoctober.asp.

Earlier in the year we mentioned how a card could be given on the first day of school.  Well let’s briefly mention how a card can be a gift to a teacher especially on World Teacher’s Day.

  • Form of Appreciation/Thanks – Most students/parents give their teachers a gift for the holidays.  But why not year round let them know that you appreciate what they do!  Teachers don’t get the recognition that they deserve anymore — as if they are suppose to do what they do.  A little card randomly given will let your teacher know that you care all the time not when you are suppose to.
  • Honor someone that played a role in your life –  We at ZeVin Creations know that there are a few teachers they played HUGE roles in who we are.  I distinctly remember my 4th grade teacher Mrs. Wainwright… man I had a rough year for 3rd grade..a teacher that just didn’t like left-handers and switched me over.. my esteem had been broken.. but Mrs. Wainwright lifted it back and encouraged my ability to SOAR!  Just locate that teacher/mentor that inspired you and send them a card thanking them for what they did in your life!
  • Encourage them to keep going! – This is really for fellow teachers/principals/directors of the school systems.  Why not let your commrades in education know that they are doing a positive thing and to keep at it!  This topic reminds me of the movie with Morgan Freeman — ” Lean On Me  “ you know at first Joe Clark underappreciated his teachers.. and when you have that people won’t do the right thing for they won’t feel the need to.  So remember that education providers need inspiration to!

So go on and pick out a appreciation card for that Teacher in your life!

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