Paying It Forward With A Card Series

ZeVin Creations is proud to present on our blog a new set of tips we’ve put together on how you can “Pay It Forward via A Card”. ZeVin Creations are strong supporters of the “Paying It Forward” movement and concept. It is amazing how good deeds have tremendous ripple effects on our society! With that said each week we will discuss each individual tip.

Previous tip(s):

Provide a tangible keepsake.

Appreciate who people are and what they do.

Tip of Week

Yield to your true personality.  Everyone has a caring side about them which is often forgotten with the hussle-bussle of today’s society.  Let your true self shine every time you send a card.  Imagine how the world would be if we all did this. 

ZeVin Creations wouldn’t be who they are today if we didn’t participate in this tip.  When you send a card your true self is reflected because you are showing someone that you care.  Although our cards are blank and encourage you to write a message it doesn’t have to be a LONG story just a quick note will do.

Why not start reflect your true colors by sending a card this week! Our Paying It Forward package will be ready for retail this coming weekend at the St. James Court Art Show and then online October 9th!

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