September Contest

JUST a REMINDER – Only 1.5 weeks left for the contest.  You better hurry!!!

ZeVin Creations is honored to launch the beginning of many contests associated with our Featured Cards of the month.  To read the rules and submit your entry go to!

September’s Contest is geared towards “Celebrating Cultures”! Although we don’t recognize all the cultures in our society on the entry form we believe that our world would be a better place if everyone respects and honors all CULTURES! If you know of months that we didn’t mention please let us know — we based this on information we found via the Celebrate Diversity initiative. All you have to do is fill out the entry form and let us know which month appreciates which culture. Remember that your email information will be added to our mailing list if you aren’t already on there.

September’s Prize Package includes excellent gifts from the following sponsors:


Shades of Violet is the exclusive online retailer of the complete line of stationery products developed my marzipan inc. find yummy greeting cards, gift tags, enclosure cards, boxed thank you notes, imprintables, fill-in announcements, and correspondence sets embellished with delish glitter accents.

Shades of Violet is sponsoring a set of 8 luxurious tags come housed in a round tin with a clear glass top. available in 9 different designs.


Global Goodie makes T-shirts and onesies that celebrate the foods we love. Our philosophy is sharing foods from all over the world and providing cultural awareness to young children in the hopes they will spread tolerance an global unity. We hope that you have as much fun wearing and sharing these shirts and onesies as we did making them!



A Touch of Honey’s products are vegetarian-friendly and are designed to renew the spirit and rejuvenate the skin. A lot of love, time and positive energy are put into these products and are crafted to bring peace, blessings and renewal of the spirit. Also, there is honey in every product (honey has many wonderful properties) and all products are designed to soften the skin, making your skin silky smooth!

jennyLou is an online boutique, holding the occasional trunk show, with a wide variety of products for accessorizing, gift giving, and most importantly – spoiling yourself! All of their products are handcrafted by a designer, not an assembly line machine. If you’ve ever owned a handcrafted item, you know how special it is. If not, then you’re missing out on what lies beyond mega consumerism. jennyLou is sponsoring a gift certificate worth $30 toward anything in the Name Bracelet category which will expire 12/31/06 (great for Holiday Gifts).
 You can enter for the contest on our website —!!!!

We will post weekly reminders and mention the sponsors weekly!  Good luck to all those that participate!!!

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