Paying It Forward With a Card Series

ZeVin Creations is proud to present on our blog a new set of tips we’ve put together on how you can “Pay It Forward via A Card”. ZeVin Creations are strong supporters of the “Paying It Forward” movement and concept. It is amazing how good deeds have tremendous ripple effects on our society! With that said each week we will discuss each individual tip.

Previous tip(s):

Provide a tangible keepsake.

Tip of Week

Appreciate who people are and what they do.  Showing someone you appreciate them is definitely returned back to you.  It can be returned from them directly or indirectly or even via a stranger.

We of ZeVin Creation try everyday to appreciate all people and who they are.  It comes down to RESPECT OF OTHERS!  We love that we are expanding our cards to appreciate the different cultures of our society.  Just getting a card that reflects someone’s culture shows appreciation of the reciever.  And you have to send the card with no expectations of something in return just knowing you showed care for someone should be enough satisfaction.

Why not start Paying it Forward with a Card by just sending a Rosh Hashanah, Autumn Blessing, or Ramadan card this week! 

Stay tuned for next weeks Paying It Forward With A Card tip!

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