Want a special Stamp with that card?

So as ZeVin is working on their Pay It Forward sets and holiday items we got a little bit of inspiration from a fellow paper goods designer/artist -> how about our own little Postage stamp!


Anna Bella Stationery has custom stamps that coordinate with her beautiful designed paper products.  Wouldn’t it be awesome to get something other than the standard flag stamp?  Check out Anna Bella Stationery site for other stamps and coordinating products at http://www.annabellastationery.com.

Now if you are that artsy-fartsy person then you can use http://photo.stamps.com to design and print these United States Postal Service approved stamps.  While out and about researching this I also came across an article that discusses it further and provides some insights.  Check out this article at http://www.creativepro.com/story/feature/22903.html.

ZeVin Creations totally believes that a custom stamp will truly express your Gift Within a Card so get Stamping (Postal that is)!

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