Paying it Forward with a Card Series

ZeVin Creations is proud to present on our blog a new set of tips we’ve put together on how you can “Pay It Forward via A Card”.  ZeVin Creations are strong supporters of the “Paying It Forward” movement and concept.  It is amazing how good deeds have tremendous ripple effects on our society!

With that said each week we will discuss each individual tip.

Provide a tangible keepsake.  Through technology you can always send an e-greeting via an email or an e-card, but over time the receiver won’t be able to cherish it for it might get lost in cyberspace.  With an actual card over years they can remember the special connection they had with the card giver for it will be an actual memento.


This tips is a big part of ZeVin Creations existence.  Both of us are prime card keepers..especially from our dad.  Every single card that our dad sends us has a little bitty note inside of them which expands on the treasure of that event/holiday.  When I’m feeling low or just need a quick pick-me up I read one of my dad’s cards!


Stay tuned for the tip of the series next week!  Take time to expand on this Paying It Forward tip and challange yourself to send someone a keepsake card this week!  It doesn’t matter the type of card or person you send it to just send a RANDOM card to a RANDOM person so they will recieve a RANDOM BLESSING!

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