Spotlight of the Week: A Planet 4 Creation

Little bit about the company:  A Planet 4 Creation was started in May 2005.  It’s a one woman home based business.  I have 2 girls under the age of 5 and wanted something to do without having to put them into daycare.  I quickly learned jewelry making since it was never a hobby of mine.  The company name was something I came up with way back in like grade 9.  I was trying to come up with band names even though I do not sing or play any instruments.

Little bit of information about your products:  I handcraft earrings and necklaces in sterling silver.  All the items are limited editions.  I do not wear bracelets therefore I do not make them.  We also have some Asian jewelry (coins and Chinese Zodiacs).  I’ve always loved paper so I’m expanding the business into Asian inspired handcrafted cards and paper goods.

How do you encourage “A Gift Within A Card”:   Actually I’ve been working on a card with Chinese Zodiac information that you can get either with the Zodiac earrings or Necklace.  Hopefully it will be up on the site soon.  We get lots of questions about the Chinese Zodiac signs when we do shows.  I even bring a book so people can learn more about their animal sign.

 Recommended card for “Just Because” month:   My recommendation would be the Luck Dots Card.  The Chinese like the number eight because it sounds alot like the Chinese word for “Prosperity”.  Who can’t use more luck in their life?

You can find more of A Planet 4 Creations cards at www.aplanet4creation.comUse the code ZC15 for 15% off your order (NOT valid for certain items on the site) expires Sept 30/06 

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