Celebrate Cultures via a Card

*** The following is from our newsletter***

ZeVin Creations believes that you can celebrate a culture with all types of cards in various ways. You can show your appreciation of a particular culture with a card by:

1. Sending that special someone you know a greeting themed around their culture. Let’s say you know someone who is an Hispanic American, you can show them how much they mean to you by having a card representing the Hispanic American concepts and values as well written in their specific language.

2. Expanding someones horizon by sending a non-standard type of card that represents a particular culture. Maybe you know someone that wants to learn more about the African American heritage. Why not send them an inspirational card that is centered around an African Proverb or interesting fact.

3. Increasing cultural awareness and appreciation in the world. Everyone can aide in the end of hatred and racism even with a card. Sending a card that represents another culture or cultures will encourage Diversity and eventually make us all “World Citizens”.

Although there is a diverse group of cultures in our society nowdays, isn’t it amazing that despite the culture a greeting card makes the same impact — It shows someone that you care! With that in mind, just think of how one card can place a ripple in ending hatred and racism!

Please look at our newest “Heritage” cards and make a special purchase. Check back the entire month as we add more for we sold out at WorldFest! As always if you want a something special custom done, just let us know. Also check the blog throughout the month for we will mention other artists/businesses that encourage culture appreciation!

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