Spotlight of the Week: Lola Says

Little bit about the company:   I started my company, j treacy designs, in June 2005 making hand-crafted cards. However, being a full time stay-at-home mom of 2 and making cards proved to be way too time consuming. I could not keep up with the orders and it was not fun for me anymore. So I wanted to come up with something that was fun and creative but could be made faster.

Little bit of information about your products:  I love writing funny poems and my niece, Dylan, loves to draw. So I came up with the idea of writing cards for women about REAL-life situations in women’s lives, occasions for which there aren’t cards. I come up with the topics, write the poems and then Dylan draws our character, lola, to go along with the writing. I named the line, lola says. My rhyming diatribes are sometimes long but women seem to love them because they say exactly what’s on their mind. All of our cards are white with all black printing. When I saw Dylan’s simple line art sketches I loved them just the way they were with no color.

At first we were printing the cards ourselves, but our printer just couldn’t handle it and died! Then when we did our first expo and saw the phenomenal response the cards received we immediately chose a local printing house to print the cards for us.

How do you encourage “A Gift Within A Card”:   ZeVin’s encouragement of cards being a gift in and of themselves is so accurate. In fact, our new sales representation firm that sells our cards wholesale to stores for us believes the cards should actually be in the “gift” section of stores not in the “stationary/card” section which I find very interesting and meaningful. 

It has been touching to hear women’s excitement when they find a card they have been looking for that didn’t before exist such as “you adopted a baby” or “sorry you’re going through fertility crap”, and was even told by a woman that our “i love you mom” card brought tears to her mom’s eyes. A woman also just asked me to right one about miscarriage since she herself had one and so have so many other women she knows as well. So we are creating one now.

Recommended card for “Just Because” month:   I recommend our “you’re going away to school” card for this month! My niece, Dylan, the illustrator of lola, left for college so this card is very special to us. She drew lola holding a teddy bear and shedes kill me for saying this but she has a special teddy of her own that she brings everywhere with her! Too funny! I miss her terribly.


You can find all of lola says cards at . Our next event is the Boston Gift Show September 9-12. You can see the rest of our upcoming events here: Right now we’re offering FREE shipping for a limited time only!

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