Feature Holiday/Event of the Week: Be An Angel Day

Each week we will do a feature post on the holiday/event of the week which encourages sending a card.  For this week we want to discuss Be An Angel Day which takes place today, August 22nd.

Be An Angel Day was started in 1993 with the emphasis of people being “a blessing to someone’s life”.  The main focus of today is to perform an act of kindness for the benefit of others within your community.  The observance was created as a form of encouragement to people to do as angels perform in serving others and God.

Take time today to think of someone you know that needs a helping hand, or as you are out and about just help someone you see in need (such as someone carrying bags to a car).  You can also use today to let someone know that has been an angel to you how much you appreciate what they’ve done for you via a card, flowers, or a good meal!

ZeVin Creations really finds this day fitting after viewing the Spike Lee documentary on Hurricane Katrina (with it being the anniversary) — how there is always something you can do for anyone in need.  It can be via a friendly call, card, or action and it really doesn’t take much time or energy to perform.  On the behalf of ZeVin Creations, we want to encourage you to “Let your Little Light Shine” .  Show the society that there are still people in the world that cares today and always!  

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