Celebrate Start of School

Well today is the first day of school here in Louisville,KY.  So we saw many students with their backpacks and supplies at the bus stops, as well we saw that parent whose child is starting a new chapter in their life watching as their little bundle gets on the bus or walk into school. (We had our own as well with 1 starting 10th grade and 1 going to 2nd grade.  Just 3 more years on a new one to start the school process.)  In honor of the beginning of school, we just want to provide reasons a card can make the first day of school so Special!

Why Give A Card on the FIRST day of School?

  • Celebrate the beginning of a new journey – Let your young student know how important starting school is.  They are approaching new friends and new loves!
  • Appreciate your teacher – Let your new teacher know how excited you are about having them be your child’s instructor for the year.  Remember that —

A teacher affects eternity; he can never tell where his influence stops.  ~Henry Adams

  • Wish them much Success– Let them know how much you care about their academic growth and success.  (Especially for those college students!)
  • Celebrate your alone time! – Plan a little gathering for you and fellow “Stay-At-Home” parents to relax and enjoy the space bit of alone time you get now that the kids are back in school.

Be it a teacher, student, or parent — everyone celebrates a new school year!  So why not make it a “Gift Within A Card” today. 

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